The Family Caregiver Support Program is designed to provide assistance, support and services to family caregivers.

Caregivers need support in the long-term care of their loved one. This program can empower the caregiver with information, training, coping and hands-on skills to provide much needed relief.

Subject to funding and eligibility, we have the following services available to Caregivers:

Evidence-Based Programs

If you or a loved one are 60+ and need information or assistance with sevices, please call us! Assistance is available to family caregivers of any age caring for adults age 60+ and persons age 55+ who are a relative and family caregiver of a child(ren) age 18 or younger.

Emergency Response Systems (ERS)

Home devices that connect older adults to a 24-hour call center with the push of a button. When a loved one pushes the button, the staff at the call center evaluates the situation, deciding whether to call an ambulance or a designated friend or family member.

In-Home Respite Care

In-home respite care is temporary care provided in the person’s home. This allows the family and patient to be comfortable and saves them from having to adjust to a new environment. Home-based respite care programs might be provided through a nursing agency; to find these services, try the resources listed above. Also, nonprofit agencies are the common providers of home-based respite care programs.

Institutional Respite

Institutional respite care can take place at a nursing home, VA hospital-based nursing home or hospital. Institutional respite is temporary and can be planned, used in the case of an emergency or as a trial basis for determining nursing home placement.

Information Services

Provide information and in depth assistance to help connect caregivers to services that help themselves or the ones they care for get the help they need. Caregivers can also receive help connecting to support groups.

Respite Voucher Program

The Respite Voucher Program offers caregivers of seniors and adults/children with disabilities a break from their duties. The program funds respite vouchers paid directly to a provider for a temporary break, rest or relief from caregiver duties. Both full-time and part-time caregivers are eligible for the program.

Respite Transportation Program

C.A.R.R. (City And Rural Rides) and CityLink have partnered with the WCTCOG to provide rides for caregivers who need to run errands. The Respite Transporation Program also offers taxi and bus passes to those who participate in the program.

Care Coordination

Assistance with planning, arranging, and provision of services to maintain independence. Limited financial assistance for emergency response systems, and income support. Services are limited and based upon availability of funding and eligibility.

Education and Training

The Area Agency on Aging has tools and resources available for caregivers in order to help them through the changes and challenges of caring for a senior, or adults/children with disabilities. Caregivers can also inquire about training workshops that might be in their area.