Care Coordination

Assistance with planning, arranging, and provision of services to maintain independence. Limited financial assistance for emergency response systems, and income support. Services are limited and based upon availability of funding and eligibility.

Chore Maintenance

Performing household chores older individuals are not able to handle on their own, such as heavy cleaning (e.g., scrubbing floors, washing walls and windows [inside and outside]), moving heavy furniture, and maintenance such as yard/sidewalk maintenance.

Emergency Response Systems (ERS)

Home devices that connect older adults to a 24-hour call center with the push of a button. When a loved one pushes the button, the staff at the call center evaluates the situation, deciding whether to call an ambulance or a designated friend or family member.

Health Maintenance

Provides or arranges managed care for health insurance, self-funded health care benefit plans, individuals, and other entities, acting as a liaison with health care providers (hospitals, doctors, etc.) on a prepaid basis.

Homemaker Services

Provides health care and supportive services to those in need so they can remain safely in their home. Homemaker services not only enhance the quality of life for seniors, but also bring peace of mind to family members.

Income Support

Assistance in the form of a payment to a third party provider for services or goods that support the basic needs of the individual, on behalf of an older individual or their caregiver.

Residential Repair

Services consist of repairs or modifications of dwellings occupied by older individuals that are essential for the health and safety of the occupant(s).

Transportation Program

The West Central Texas Transportation Program is a comprehensive “blueprint” for transportation systems and services aimed at meeting the mobility needs of the Big Country area.